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Vie Interiors Ltd

Commercial Wallcoverings and Fabrics by Vie Interiors are one the leading specialists in European designed and manufactured Commercial Wallpapers, Digital Murals and Contract Fabrics. Vie Interiors are suppliers of products that are extensively used in the Commercial, Hospitality, Healthcare, Office and Education Sectors.

We like home interiors a lot. It`s everything we do. And we`ve got thousands of products from designer wallpaper and designer fabrics to commercial wallcoverings…all available to buy online. One website - and you get to see and experience the best of wallcoverings, fabrics, soft furnishing lighting and furniture close up.

One website - and you can explore and experiment with our entire range online. There`s nothing between you and our products. It`s refreshingly straightforward; lots to look at with plenty of useful information, minus the gobbledygook. Just dive in, dig around and find your perfect design and see your ideas come to life.

Vie Interiors Ltd

So, if you`ve read this much, you probably like the idea of home interiors and designer furnishings as much as we do. Whatever you`re looking for, we have it. Even if you can`t see it, we`ll find it, after all, we are here to help. Just call or email.

So, to recap. Vie Interiors do wallcoverings, designer wallpaper, designer fabrics, soft furnishing lighting and furniture and so much more online. It maybe all you need. One website. Refreshingly simple.

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