Cole & Son Bush Baby Wallpaper 119-7035

Cole & Son Bush Baby Wallpaper 119-7035

SKU: cole-son-bush-baby-wallpaper-119-7035
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SKU: cole-son-bush-baby-wallpaper-119-7035

Cole & Son Bush Baby Wallpaper 119-7035, adorable bush babies which are a firm favourite throughout the Ardmore studio’s work. Within Cole & Son’s Bush Baby wallcovering they nestle in a canopy of leaves beside an African Coral, or ‘Lucky Bean’, tree whose plump pods are bursting to reveal ripe seeds. With their alert ears listening for the flutter of insect wings, the bush babies are poised to leap upon a tasty snack, with rose-tipped fingers and a sliver of pink tongue. Bush Baby’s colourways feature rainforest greens with pops of scarlet and orange, rich wine tones, and peaceful aquamarine. With inky ground hues akin to the nocturnal nature of these playful creatures.

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