Cole & Son Hoopoe Leaves Wallpaper S119-1007

Cole & Son Hoopoe Leaves Wallpaper S119-1007

SKU: cole-son-hoopoe-leaves-wallpaper-s119-1007
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SKU: cole-son-hoopoe-leaves-wallpaper-s119-1007

Cole & Son Hoopoe Leaves Wallpaper S119-1007, Leaves, fronds and flowers form a lush and peaceful labyrinth within Hoopoe Leaves canopy; a closer glance revealing nature’s bustling wonder. What appear to be blossoms are, in fact, the feathery crowns of exotic Hoopoe birds hiding in the foliage alongside wildly embellished beetles and a wide-eyed praying mantis. Every leaf, feather and insect wing is lovingly adorned with intricate patterns evoking Zulu beadwork. Created in a rich range of colours including sharp spring greens and lush olive tones, balanced with warm pinks, corals, sunny yellows and hints of soft blue, with the ground hues evoking an inky night sky or a dusty savanna afternoon.

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