Cole & Son Kalahari Wallpaper 119-6028

Cole & Son Kalahari Wallpaper 119-6028

SKU: cole-son-kalahari-wallpaper-119-6028
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SKU: cole-son-kalahari-wallpaper-119-6028

Cole & Son Kalahari Wallpaper 119-6028, the sophisticated pattern of Kalahari imbues even the smallest space with a sense of intrigue. Textures in spiced browns, cool neutrals and verdant shades of fern and crocodile nestle on a mysterious ebony ground. Inspired by an Ardmore tortoise print that resembles a stylised star, the Cole & Son artists created a geometric burst repeat. Kalahari’s visual composition is almost like a musical score, an orderly rhythm punctuated by the resonant booms of larger shapes and a cadence of smaller silhouettes. Playing with perspective and focus, the design could be the labyrinthine markings on one tortoise’s shell – or dozens of tortoises clustered at the edge of a watering hole. The etching of Kalahari’s print creates a watercolour effect, the organic shapes and line weights adding warmth and vitality, followed by a stencil-like outline for a contemporary crispness.

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