Cole & Son Satara Wallpaper 119-3016

Cole & Son Satara Wallpaper 119-3016

SKU: cole-son-satara-wallpaper-119-3016
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SKU: cole-son-satara-wallpaper-119-3016

Cole & Son Satara Wallpaper 119-3016, Satara Camp in Kruger National Park is known for its Big Cats. It was here that a magical scene of a mother leopard and her cub climbing into a tree was witnessed. Satara captures the leopard's fiercely protective maternal instinct as she helps her cub to the next branch. This peaceful design includes fans of leaves and curving trunks and vines, all richly ornamented with precise stripes and scallops. The leopards' fur has a more untamed pattern, in tawny orange, soft metallic gold and bronze, as well as a ghostly mica sheen, as if in a dreamscape.

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