Cole & Son Letaba March Wallpaper

Cole & Son Letaba March Wallpaper

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SKU: cole-son-letaba-march-wallpaper

Cole & Son Letaba March Wallpaper, the charming design of Letaba March captures a parade of animals, great and small, meandering to the watering hole. A tributary of the Olifants River, the Letaba plays hosts to this wonderful “bush theatre” of playful monkeys, big cats, as well as giraffes and a memory of elephants in a festival promenade.Every inch of this expansive design is brimming with vibrant pattern and colour. The elephants’ large ears, tusks and even hides are treated to festive embellishment reminiscent of Zulu beadwork, creating an artwork within the wider design. Its lively rhythm abounds with Lala Palm fronds crowning the design with their dense canopy.

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