Cole & Son Safari Totem Wallpaper 119-2008

Cole & Son Safari Totem Wallpaper 119-2008

SKU: cole-son-safari-totem-wallpaper-119-2008
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SKU: cole-son-safari-totem-wallpaper-119-2008

Cole & Son Safari Totem Wallpaper 119-2008, from a distance, this majestic design might appear to be formal coats of arms of heraldic crests. On closer inspection, the family represented is Kingdom: Animalia. Inspired by totemic Ardmore sculptures of undulating animals, Safari Totem features exquisitely decorated duos around a central palm. Graceful curves arch and entwine, layering and repeating in an intricate dance. Beautifully hand-rendered leopards, giraffes and elephants echo one another's forms in a natural harmony dressed for a festival adorned in jubilant patterns. This climbing composition is presented in sophisticated palettes of ginger, ruby and taupe with dawn-bright or dusky soot grounds.

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