Inspired By Design

Inspired by design, but finding it isn’t easy to translate an aesthetic into your space?

Creating a beautiful home or office environment requires more than just a great eye for colour and shape; it takes design intellect. Vie Interiors brings you the brains behind the vision with a variety of exclusive couture wall coverings, fabrics and furnishings from some of Europes’s most celebrated design savants—Christian LaCroix, Anna French, Dixon Turner, Tektura, Designers Guild, Vescom and more.

Vie Interiors helps you reinvent your living and workspaces: from the cool sophistication of the Sukumala Lino line of Wallpaper to the Old World Seraphina collection from Anna French, we’ll help you find the designs that speak to you. We believe that good business and great design go hand in hand; we help you combine functionality, style and value that reflects your very personal vision.

Vie Interiors offers wall coverings, fabrics and furnishings with hints of Modern, Tuscan, Spanish, French, Eastern, Far Eastern, English and Italian design styles; our décor selections combine the best of both traditional and modern schools. Our showroom is a wonderland of time-honoured furnishings that can add character and sophistication to any living space.

Let our highly professional support team help you decorate your home or office with the elegant design styles you’re after.


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