Tektura Dimity Weave Wallcovering DIM 515

Tektura Dimity Weave Wallcovering DIM 515

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Tektura Dimity Weave Wallcovering DIM 515 is a fine weave print wallcovering which is available in 27 modern colours in a matt finish. Please use our free wallpaper sample service to appreciate the true beauty of the Dimity Weave Wallcovering.

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Adhesive Generally Tekfix Plus, though depends on substrate. Tekfix VOV should be used when installing around right-angled corners.
Description Commercial quality vinyl wallcovering laminated onto a woven cotton backing.
Ecological This product is not biodegradable. Dispose of in accordance with Local Authority regulations or via an authorised contractor. EPD on request.
Fire Fighting Any extinguishing media are suitable. Wear self-contained breathing apparatus, protective clothing and full face mask. Fumes should be ventilated immediately due to possible liberation of noxious gases.
Fire Rating Euroclass 13501, B s1 d0 On request : IMO 2010 FTP part 2 - 5
Handling/Storage Store at ambient temperatures away from heat source. Suitable lifting equipment may be required.
Hanging Care should be taken during installation in order to produce optimum results. Apply adhesive to wall surface. Carefully smooth wallcovering onto wall surface using a spatula, allowing 5-10cm at top and bottom for trimming. Overlap lengths and double cut through. Run seamroller up join to ensure even adhesion. Remove any adhesive seepage immediately with detergent solution and clean water. Rinse thoroughly. Refer to roll for hanging instructions. Dimity Weave has a random pattern match.
Health & Safety This product is classified as non-hazardous and therefore does not require any special handling. This product does not require special labelling.
Maintenance Fabric-backed vinyls offer an easy-clean finish, and high resistance to knocks and scrapes. They are designed to withstand high traffic levels and will not tear easily. With regular cleaning they will retain their original appearance for many years depending on area of use. Always carry out a trial in an inconspicuous area first, to ensure cleaning agent suitable. Clean with a mild non-soapy detergent with soft cloth, sponge or soft bristle brush to prevent build up of dirt and staining. Avoid polishes and abrasive cleaning agents as they will cause build up of dirt in the surface texture and can also damage metallic finishes. Avoid strong active solvent cleaners as they can stain and damage the vinyl surface. Always clean from the skirting level upwards. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Individual stains should be removed as quickly as possible. Diluted bleach can be used.
Product Dimity Weave
Roll Size 130cm x 50m
Weight 350 grammes per square metre.


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