Vinyl Wall Coverings

Vinyl wall coverings are a popular choice for homes and businesses, and interior designers are increasingly turning to vinyl as a preference for decorating walls. The recognised benefit of using vinyl wall coverings is its incredible durability, but as the choice of colours, designs and styles have also flourished in recent years, vinyl is now turning heads for its aesthetic appeal.

Whatever type of colour or style you are looking for, you are bound to find a vinyl wall covering to match your specific needs. From classic colours that create a traditional look and feel to contemporary patterns in vibrant tones that bring a wall alive, vinyl makes for a versatile choice.

A perfect option for homes, vinyl wall coverings are especially suited to high traffic areas, including hallways, living rooms or a child’s bedroom. Easy to clean and resistant to scratching and tearing, vinyl offers excellent durability. This low-maintenance option of wall decoration continues to look pristine for a long time, so is ideal for busy households.

The durable nature of vinyl wall coverings also makes it a practical and economical choice for commercial settings, where it can last much longer than other types of wall decoration, including paint.

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